Embody Sacred Bliss

Weft in wellness and glamour our cruelty-free crystalline attunements are the perfect elixirs for your hair, body and soul. Infused with nature’s mysteries Luttercare body butters will leave your skin feeling nourished with a luscious glow. Set an intention. Apply desired amount. Massage in. Honor divine essence from within.

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    “Every time I wear Goddess butter I really feel am living in my own magical world. I feel spectacular. It enhances my beauty. It makes me feel powerful.. like nothing stands in my way. I love it so much I make sure to never run out. I take Goddess everywhere. To work.. to the beach... travels ..I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!” - Sharifa

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    “A big reason why I love love love your goddess butter!! It keeps me in such high frequency and amplifies my mantra: I call in the highest frequency of love. Nothing can touch me but love. Love you!” - KiKi

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    “What hives? What eczema?!! Leanne is going to have to make this forever because, look at my skin. It’s not oily, just glowing ayuh” - Diamond

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    “In love with my Divine Feminine Bliss Box. I’ve been switching to more natural products so it’s amazing to find gems like this that smell and feel delicious. Goddess and Luxe are heavenly. You can feel when something is made with love and intention.” - Alyssa

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    “I lost mobility in my right arm after a stroke last year and getting my arm and legs massaged with the lemongrass daisy brought back circulation and mobility to my entire body. Everything was so tight before, I could not get dressed. Now I can make a fist and grab things” - Donald

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