Our Story

Your intuition lead you here and we are bliss to connect with you! Welcome to our online sanctuary! A woman-owned ethically made goods company curated by CEO/Founder 6stalight. At Luttercare Beauté we serve sacred masculines, divine feminines and baby starseeds alike. Bring your awareness to our innovative approach to preventative care. The line embraces healing properties of crystals and its varied ingredients. Our products are formulated as vegan, holistic skin elixir’s; the ‘ONE’ product that has everything you need to take care of your skin.

Looking for natural organic alternative’s with a splash of pizazz? Weft in wellness and glamour our cruelty-free crystalline attunements are the perfect elixirs for your hair, body and soul. Rejuvenates and nourishes the skin topically while transdermally targeting underlying ailments. Each elixir caters to detoxification from symptoms like pain, depression, anxiety, adhd/add and insomnia. It is our passion mission to invoke more feminine and masculine essence into the life of someone like you.


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